Headed up by Duncan Pritchard and Ayanda Mnyandu, ETC-Africa collectively have over 30 years’ experience around environmental management, Carbon Footprint management and Tourism Route Development. 

Our unique blend of corporate, community and NGO level experience allows us a uniquely holistic view. Our emphasis is on practicalities and to ensure this, our team all have extensive practical experience working on the ground. But ultimately we pride ourselves on personal, friendly, efficient service.


We have significant international experience, having worked throughout Sub Saharan Africa and on projects as far afield as Mexico, Canada, Australia and the United States with experience ranging from Multi-National corporations to SMME’s and local community groups.

ETC-Africa works by a simple philosophy, charge a fair price, provide more than your clients expect and add value. For Environmental Impact Assessments, Basic Environmental Assessments, Sustainability Planning and Carbon Footprint Management, Mining Permits and Water Use Licenses, ETC-Africa is at the forefront of latest legislation, green technologies, processes and customer service.

Contact us HERE for any quotes or questions. We are always happy to offer advice up front where possible.

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Duncan Pritchard has over 20 years' experience in environmental circles and is passionate about sustainable tourism, climate change and marine conservation. Key experience includes:

  • Over 20 years experience in ecotourism 
  • Through our projects, established over 50 successful ecotourism and environmentally related businesses over the years, many of which he still mentors today. 
  • Voting member at the IUCN world conference in Barcelona
  • Past member of the KZN Climate Change Council 
  • Ted X Speaker on marine conservation 
  • International project management experience in Canada, Australia, Mexico and across Africa
  • Undertaken numerous carbon footprint audits and facilitated numerous carbon footprint training sessions.
  • Finalist in the Smithsonian Institute Sustainable Tourism Awards
  • Pioneering birding and niche tourism route models across Africa (as well as Australia, Canada and Mexico)
  • 20 years direct experience working with a suite of NGO's in South Africa and internationally 

Ayanda holds an BSc in Environmental Management & Social Sciences and is a bit of a compliance and public participation guru when it comes to environmental management and related legislation. Ayanda has undertaken numerous Environmental Impact Assessments, environmental audits, water use licences, waste management licences and has an exceptional knowledge of environmental legislation and processes. Ayanda's core skills include:

  • Scoping/Environmental Impact Assessments & Basic Assessments
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Water Use Licenses
  • Waste Management Licenses
  • Project Management
  • Public Participation
  • Environmental Monitoring and Audits

Our Clients & Experience

ETC-Africa has global experience, including the USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico and across Sub-Saharan Africa. For testimonials and references, please contact us.

Some of our more recent clients (across a range of projects) include:

Our Approach & Philosophy

ETC-Africa is about positive action and high-quality action-orientated consulting. We aim to foster long term relationships with our clients and focus on ensuring we understand our clients’ needs and providing returns that will not only benefit our clients beyond expectations but also our planet and its people.

We DON’T produce long impractical documents and research reports! We DO ensure that we give you the tools, ideas and project concepts that can be implemented and make a real difference to your business, association and our planet! Sustainable development, protection of the environment and inclusive planning processes are all extremely topical issues in the current global socio-political environment.

We believe that a balance is possible, impacts can be mitigated and people can truly benefit from responsible corporate, social and environmental behavior. We believe that taking the right steps towards sustainable development in a responsible innovative manner, regardless of their size and scope will always result in downstream benefits for your business, your employees, your neighboring communities, the environment and ultimately, for future generations.

There is always a mutually beneficial “middle road” - providing there is a commitment, it can be done.

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Contact Us

  • Address: Salt Rock, KwaZulu-Natal

  • Phone: 083 225 5960 (Tourism & Carbon Related Enquiries) 

  • Phone: 074 229 1775 (Environmental / EIA Related Enquiries) 


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