ETC-Africa are accredited Carbon Footprint analysts, registered with the South African Carbon Protocol. Our core competencies are around developing Greenhouse Gas inventories, managing your Carbon Footprint and advising on the recently introduced Carbon Tax Act

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Our approach to carbon footprint management is focused on:
  • Providing clear, understandable reporting that can be understood by management and staff at all levels, allowing for more valuable and practical outcomes.
  • Our reports include a technical analysis but also include softer explanations of key outcomes in highly visual and understandable terms.
  • Relevant reporting that brings together environmental outcomes and integrates them with social investment / development projects, public relations opportunities as well as operational and administrative opportunities.
  • Reporting that can make a practical difference. If a greenhouse gas inventory / carbon footprint audit can not make a difference at some level to each sector of your operations, then, we believe it is not being reported effectively or not being used properly.
  • Relevant reporting that takes into consideration your organisational needs, goals, potential carbon tax liabilities and other business priorities. This is central to our planning and approach to carbon footprint management.
  • We believe that a greenhouse gas inventory MUST serve your organisational needs and be undertaken in such a way that it focuses on delivering information that results in a better understanding of your organisation and your impacts.
  • Recommendations and essential tools for managing data gaps as well as ongoing reporting.
  • Developing policies and procedures that makes ongoing reporting simple and understandable by staff and management. Ensuring buy-in into the journey is widely regarded as a critical success factor.

Finally and most importantly; a personal, service orientated and passionate approach to climate change and environmental issues.

Being “green” is our thing, it’s not just a business for us, it is a passion. Both Edward Rice and Duncan Pritchard have young families. Our work around climate change and other environmental issues is driven by a passion for helping create a better world for our children. With this comes a very practical, innovative and systematic approach to finding solutions that can be both implemented at a big corporate level or micro level at home.

One of our key strengths is around teaching / presenting. We have offered carbon footprint training courses as a core part of our work for the past 5 years. These are aimed at small businesses and individuals who know very little about climate change and environmental issues. Our outcomes are focused on providing the knowledge, understanding and skills to implement into the future regardless of background.

Our internal IT capacity is a valuable add-on to our offering. In this scenario we would tailor-make an online database for your ongoing use to manage and measure your carbon footprint with ease. The system provides excellent reports, very simple to use and a very tangible outcome for your organisation.

We are proud to say that we enjoy offering ongoing support and assistance to our clients post contract. We do not fly in, do the work, get paid and disappear. One of our unique selling points is always being available for Skype calls, email correspondence and offering ongoing advice and support wherever possible. We enjoy seeing progress and our work being implemented.


Download this file (4248323-5act15of2019carbontaxact.pdf)4248323-5act15of2019carbontaxact.pdf[Carbon Tax Act 2019]329 kB
Download this file (ghg-protocol-revised.pdf)ghg-protocol-revised.pdf[GHG Corporate Standard]3594 kB

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  • Address: Salt Rock, KwaZulu-Natal

  • Phone: 083 225 5960 (Tourism & Carbon Related Enquiries) 

  • Phone: 074 229 1775 (Environmental / EIA Related Enquiries) 


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