A Wilderness Trail Experience is quite something, virtually impossible to explain. But the feeling of being totally connected to nature, not being the top of the food chain, sleeping under the stars, keeping night watch to ensure no animals come into camp, knowing that no one actually knows exactly where you are .....it's a special experience which underpins our Unearthed Social Entrepreneurial Course and Careers In Conservation Courses run in partnership with the Wilderness Leadership School.  It's a chance to  change of perspective, or a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, and a digital detox like no other

What career in conservation could have as much reach and impact as wildlife film making? For many people in most parts of the world, wildlife films are pretty much the only contact you have with the wild. As a source of education and inspiration, it's a powerful medium for making a difference. If you would like an insight into how the magic happens – This article is for you!

One of our founders and facilitators, Duncan Pritchard recently took part in a locally organised Ted-X event in Salt Rock. In this talk he shares his passion for the oceans and the need to see our oceans in a new light. The marine wilderness experience is a key part of our program. There are few places quite as powerful and entrenched in the human psyche as the ocean. Everyone loves the beach but not everyone has a look to see what lies beneath.

The world needs a lot more Green Superheroes! It’s going to be up to you, young people! You see, I have a two-year-old daughter and I’m very aware of the fact that by the time she reaches my age…. which is getting on some, at our current trajectory, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, many new species will be facing extinction, wild places will be far fewer and far less wild than they are now. These are all things that made my childhood memorable, wild places are where I get my greatest pleasures. It frightens me to think that my young daughter may not get to enjoy the things I love so much. And the only people that can change this trajectory we are on will be young people, the next generation of leaders, business people and conservationists.

Do you ever feel that exercising in a gym just doesn’t compare to a hike, a trail run or a swim in the sea? An indoor activity doesn’t leave me feeling invigorated and energised as much as an outdoor activity does. I thought this was a matter of personal preference until reading about research that proves that outdoor activities really are better for you!

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